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Hire a Skip in Sutton | Easy House Moves with Premier Skip Hire

There are any number of reasons for Sutton homeowners to hire a skip. Disposing of clutter ahead of a house move is just one of them. At Premier Skip Hire, we know that moving house can be stressful enough and ridding yourself of waste is just one more hassle you could probably do without. Skips from our cheap skip hire company can alleviate the stain, and we have cheap skips available for Sutton customers in seven different sizes.


Using a skip hire company to collect your unwanted belonging will ensure there’s less to transport when you move from Sutton to pastures new. Cheap skips can accommodate a significant volume of clutter and as a result, it’ll take you less time to pack, removal fees will be cheaper and you’ll be off to a fresh new start in your next home before you know it.


Our skips can accommodate any type of non-hazardous waste and because we only specialise in cheap skip hire and nothing else, you’ll always receive a first-class service tailored to your needs. Hire a skip ahead of any move from Sutton and we’ll be there to provide a prompt collection once you’ve disposed of your unwanted possessions.

Responsive Skip Hire for Household Clutter

It’s amazing how quickly clutter can accumulate in any home. Most of us are reluctant to dispose of anything we think might have some future value, financial or otherwise. Premier Skip Hire have already helped countless customers in Sutton ahead of moving day by supplying skips ranging from just 2 yards to a full 14 yards in size (1.5mᴲ to 10.7mᴲ).


  • Cheap skips can be used for old paperwork, bills, documents and statements over 4 years old. We recommend these are shredded before disposal. Want to hire a skip but feel unsure you might need documents again? Take a photo on a smartphone!
  • Old receipts and tickets can go before you leave your current property in Sutton too. The chances are that those manufacturer warranties on Christmas presents have already run out so use our cheap skip hire services to throw those receipts away.
  • Skips are perfect for disposing of clothes you no longer wear, especially those which don’t fit, are damaged or set yourself up for ridicule as a one-time fashion victim! We accept old clothes and recycle them as part of our skip hire services in Sutton.
  • Lose the toys the kids no longer play with, the clothes they have outgrown and the broken gadgets which have been superseded by the next new thing. You can even hire a skip to rid yourself of all those old clothes hangers you no longer need!
  • Cheap skip hire services are perfect for movers in the Sutton area who want to replace damaged or broken furniture with new items following a move. As long as everything fits into one of our cheap skips without overloading, we’ll take it away.

Your Alternatives to Skip Hire

At Premier Skip Hire, we don’t expect you to use us for skips just because we’ve mentioned them to you. Some of your unwanted items will have value or use for others, so put them up for sale on selling or ‘Freecycle’ websites covering the Sutton area. You could even donate some of your unwanted belongings to a charity organisation and raise much-needed money. Even your extended family might welcome some of the property you no longer need.


For everything else, we’ll be there to provide an ethical skip hire service. Premier can deliver cheap skips to any location in Sutton, Surrey or South West London. If you need to hire a skip but feel unsure of the size you need, take a look at the different skips we have available and make a decision based on estimated black bin bag sizes. It’s as easy as that!

Call 020 8873 1433 or 07776 007081 before a move and use our skip hire services in Sutton to dispose of unwanted clutter easily.

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