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Cheap Skips in New Malden | Safe Skip Hire Advice

If you need to hire a skip from a cheap skip hire company that takes the wellbeing of New Malden customers seriously, there’s only one company to choose. Based in Epsom, Premier Skip Hire are the trusted choice for cheap skips in Surrey and South West London. Whether you’re undertaking a house clearance, some gardening work or a major refurbishment, we can provide the skips you need and the best possible advice on using them safely.


Ask for Help with Heavy Loads


Never run the risk of injury by trying to put heavy loads into one of our cheap skips yourself. We much prefer it when our New Malden customers ask for help with the lifting. If you must lift heavy loads into a cheap skip hire unit yourself, remember to lift with the knees instead of the back. Premier Skip Hire also advise you to watch out for your fingers, and to avoid trapping them on the edges of our skips as you’re lifting loads over the top.


If you can’t handle heavy lifting and don’t have any help available, there’s no need to actually hire a skip. We can assist you with a convenient wait-and-load service. You can still offload the majority of your light waste personally but we’ll help with the really heavy stuff.


Keep Content in the Side Walls


When loading waste into our skips, customers from New Malden are advised to keep everything below the maximum height of the side walls, particularly unstable items which could fall out of our cheap skips to cause injury. Unstable loads can be avoided with careful packing (see below) but we understand that in some cases, you will only want to place large items into a skip hire unit. Be responsible and conscientious at all times.


Remember that Premier Skip Hire cannot collect skips which are overloaded. These are unsafe for transport and we will have to refuse collections from New Malden with unstable loads. This could result in additional hire and collection costs for your project.


Loads Skips Carefully


When you hire a skip from Premier Skip Hire, plan your load carefully. It’s usually best to put the largest items into our cheap skips first. New Malden customers can then fit in lighter or looser items on top. If space is available, we recommend that you pack our skips with smaller items down the side walls for better load stability. Once again, we request that you do not overload and always a hire a skip in a suitable size for the waste you have.


Like all good cheap skip hire companies in the New Malden area, we are always available to answer any questions you might have about packing our cheap skips after they have been delivered. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us during opening hours.


Avoid Hazardous Materials


We strong recommend that customers in the New Malden area never place hazardous or unacceptable waste into our skips. Premier Skip Hire are unable to accept electrical or white goods, car tyres, car batteries, televisions, monitors, paint, oil, solvents or asbestos waste. Please do not hire a skip if you have potentially hazardous materials in your load. Very few cheap skip hire companies will accept these types of waste without prior arrangement.


In most cases, you will need to hire the services of specialists who deal in hazardous waste removal if you are looking to dispose of items which are included in this list.

Call Premier Skip Hire on 020 8873 1433 or 07776 007081 to hire a skip for disposals in New Malden. We are your local cheap skip hire specialists.

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