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Cheap Skip Hire in Epsom | Hire a Skip or a Trip to the Tip?

If you’ve been working hard inside your Epsom home or in the garden to get waste cleared, you might have already considered our cheap skip hire services. All of the waste you’ve accumulated won’t fit into a wheelie bin so skips are a definite option. The other is a trip to your local tip in Epsom, but will this be a time and cost-effective option? Would it be better to hire a skip from Premier Skip Hire instead? Do cheap skips provide more benefits?


Let us explain the benefits of cheap skip hire to you. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the occasional trip to a waste recycling centre, we think skips are a much better option for customers in Epsom who have slightly larger waste removal needs to consider.

Skip Hire Benefits

Premier Skip Hire have been supplying skips to customers and clients in the Epsom area for over a decade. Naturally, we’d prefer you to hire a skip from our company every time you have a waste removal project on the go, but we don’t want you to opt for us just because we say so. We’d sooner explain the benefits of cheap skip hire for a more informed decision.


  1. Cheap skips from Premier Skip Hire are more convenient. We drop off skips at your Epsom site or property, leave you to fill them with waste and then collect them. Heavy, bulkier items can be put straight in without awkward lifting into the car.
  2. Your vehicle might not be able to accommodate all of your waste whereas the correct choice of cheap skip hire unit will. Avoid having to make multiple trips to your local tip or waste recycling facility in Epsom and hire a skip instead.
  3. Skips are supplied at a set price so you’ll always be in complete control of costs. Several trips to the tip can soon add up when you take fuel prices and your personal time into consideration. Skip hire is nearly always more cost-effective.
  4. Epsom customers who use Premier for cheap skip hire won’t have to worry about damage to their vehicles or the cost of having upholstery cleaned. The use of our cheap skips also eliminates any concerns you might have about overloading.
  5. Skip hire allows you to clear waste from your Epsom property at a time convenient to you whereas using a tip or a recycling centre in Epsom limits you to opening times only. Hire a skip and plan your waste removal work around your own schedule.

When to Choose the Tip over Skip Hire Services

Premier Skip Hire will never knowingly upsell you to use our skips because it never benefits the customer or our company. We will only recommend that you hire a skip for projects in Epsom if they are necessary. While we specialise in cheap skip hire and supply cheap skips, we fully accept that a trip to the local tip will be more beneficial in some situations.


  • We recommend tips over skips when:
  • You have very small amounts of waste to remove
  • Your wheelie bin is full and your waste is clean
  • Your waste is light and easy to lift into a vehicle
  • You only have one type of waste
  • Your local tip is close to your Epsom home


At Premier Skip Hire, we understand that some people feel reassured about waste centres and will know that their waste will be ethically recycled. We recycle waste deposited into our cheap skips too – up to 95%, in fact. Hire a skip from our Epsom-based company with confidence knowing that we never accept hazardous waste in our skips at any time.

We’re the responsible face of cheap skip hire in Epsom, and we use third-party operators to process, screen and recycle our waste for the benefit of the local environment.

Call 020 8873 1433 or 07776 007081 for cheap skip hire services in Epsom and save valuable time and money on trips to your local tip.

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